Special Interest List Server Q&A:

What are Special Interest "SIG" List Servers?
  • SIG List Servers are focused narrow-interest Lists.

    Why did I create my collection of "Land Cruiser" SlG List Servers?
  • Experts are more willing to participate in a forum that does not contain material that is outside of their area of interest or expertise.
  • I beleive that an individuals willingness to remain subscribed to a List server is often proportional to their ability cope with the volume of the messages on that list.
  • Special Interest Lists are by nature lower in message volume and easier to cope with.
  • Special Interest Lists are more easily filtered by email clients and are easier to cope with.
  • I have TLC's that are unusual in my country and that are just plain rare. I recognize the need for low-volume forums for owners of these Land Cruiser to communicate with each other.
  • Many List Server provider services insert advertising in to the messages that are posted to their lists. I do not have to do this to you!

    Why should I not subscribe to a broad interst List Server instead?
  • If you get value from doing so there is no reason not to do just that. I do!

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