DTLC Guidelines - March 8 2001

From: "Ian B"
To: "DTLC"
Subject: [DTLC] Admin: Please help me and you
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001

Welcome to the Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser (DTLC) email list.

Please keep the following information for reference later.

This message is an acknowledgement that you are now subscribed to the DTLC list. If this is not what you want, email owner-dtlc@helios.net explaining your non-desire to be on the DTLC list and you will be removed.

This list originated in about 1998. We currently have about 200 members (February 2001); some are very active contributors while many simply read and enjoy. Most list members own diesel Land Cruisers, some have diesel Hilux's, I even know of a Mazda B2500 lurker who is trying to get a better handle on diesels in general. Regardless, we all have trucks that get very little coddling, get some abuse but all get used to varying degrees.

You can check out the list without subscribing by browsing the archives at

http://offroad.helios.net .


There are other places in cyberland to access information about Toyota diesels and Land Cruisers in particular.

Some other links that may be useful are:

http://www.ifrance.com/denis-d/bmanual (the 3B factory manual)
http://www.safari4x4.com.au/80scool/index.html (80 and 100 series Land Cruiser information)
http://www.tlca.org (Toyota Land Cruiser Association in the USA)

REAL-TIME versus DIGEST list options

REAL-TIME means you will receive an individual copy of EVERY message posted to the list. The list is averaging 5-15 messages a day. Please make sure you can handle this amount of traffic when you subscribe. If you do not check your email daily, and you have a quota on your mailbox, your account will start bouncing mail and you will be removed from the list. If this is a concern to you, please join the digest version of the list.

The DIGEST version is a summary of all DTLC messages and is mailed out once a day or when the a certain file size is reached. It is designed for those cyberfolks who prefer to receive only a single message every day or for those who have mailbox quotas and cannot handle the 150-200 individual messages a day.

To change between options go to http://mail.helios.net/cgi-bin/mj_wwwusr , enter your email address and the password sent to you when you joined the DTLC list. Check the appropriate boxes to select DIGEST mode.NB: For a given email address, you can only have one subscription option.


Your user profile has settings that you can change anytime you want. To change from real-time to digest, or vice-versa, visit http://mail.helios.net/cgi-bin/mj_wwwusr . From there you'll be able to configure a number of features for your account, including digest, vacation, no mail, reply to and more. You will require the password that is emailed to you when you are initially subscribed to the DTLC to access your profile.


This list enjoys a reasonable signal-to-noise ratio. Issues sometimes deviate quite markedly, but given the small membership and varied background of many of the members, this is tolerated. Feel free to post classifieds regarding parts for sale and parts wanted for your truck.


To post a question or comment to the list, send your post to:


When you post to the list, everybody on the list will get your message, including yourself (unless you have configured your profile.


DTLC email archives can be found at http://offroad.helios.net/ .


You can reply to posts to the list by using the "reply" function of your email system.

For a private reply, select "reply" and cut and paste the individuals email address into the TO: field of your email handler. Alternatively, use REPLAY TO ALL and delete the addresses you don't want the message to go to. PLEASE take care to check where your response is going. No-one wants to read your private email complete with VISA card number...


Most email systems have an option that will add ">" in front of the original message when you hit the "reply" key. If your system does not do this, please add the ">" in front of the original message in your reply so readers will be able to keep the original post and your reply separated.


To save bandwidth, keep only those portions of the original message you are responding to in your reply. In other words, do not just include the entire message with your reply. Edit out the non-relevant parts.


Please remember to put some type of signature at the end of what you are writing. We like to know who is posting, where you are located and what type of truck you have. Many email programs have automated signature files they add at the end of a message. If your system does not have this feature, a first name is usually sufficient. Some email programs do not show the return address of each message so a name is helpful in these situations.


Please use Plain Text for posting messages. Please do not post messages in HTML or MIME formats. Failure to comply with this may find you with no posting rights.


The listserver is automated and it tries to help out as much as it can. As a result, it treats several words as administration functions and will bounce your message if these words are included in your message or subject line. Words to avoid when posting to the list are: help, subscribe, unsubscribe, digest, remove, etc. Any questions, please email

owner-dtlc@helios.net .

POSTING BINARY FILES (non-text files like graphics)

Many list members have requested that large files such as bitmap images NOT be posted directly to the list. This is because of disk quotas and/or slow links. Instead, we recommend that you post a message describing the binary and offer to mail it to anyone who requests it directly from you. Or just post the link to the webpage where the file is located. If you do not have a website, often some nice soul on the list will place the binary on a web site for you. The listserver will bounce all messages with files attached.


If you need to temporarily unsubscribe for vacations, etc., please visit the web page mentioned above.

To permanently unsubscribe from the list, via email, from the account you

are subscribed to the list, send a message to: majordomo@helios.net
Subject: 'blank'
Message body: unsubscribe dtlc


Inevitably, a system failure somewhere results in bounced mail. If massive amounts of bounced mail appears, you will be unsubscribed from the list. We will sometimes send a "notice of deletion" to the offending address, but because the address is usually in trouble already, the offender will not receive the notice.

The bottom line is that if you suddenly find yourself off the list, it's likely there's been a problem and you've been temporarily deleted. In which case you need to let us know at:



This list is run by volunteers. They do not receive any money for doing this. They do it because they love Toyota Land Cruisers. So please be kind and gentle with them when requesting administration functions. The list is administered during their free time, so admin requests are processed as they get time. Usually, requests are processed within a couple of days, but sometimes it may take a week or two. Be patient and we'll get to your request as soon as we can. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a note:



The DTLC has and continues to be a great source for locating diesel and Land Cruiser parts and accessories. If you need something, there is bound to be somebody who has it. Since very few of us have ever physically met and developed a "close" relationship, our instincts about others on the list are basically derived from what we read from them on the list.


As with all relationships, it is possible that you will get "BURNED" when selling a part to somebody on the list. Somebody may send you a bad part, fail to pay you for a part, or their cheque may bounce, etc. If you feel you have been "BURNED" by someone on the list, PLEASE contact the Admin at owner-dtlc@helios.net , and the Admin only, with your complaint. The Admin will try to mediate the situation and serve as a disinterested third party. If guilt is established, the offender will be deleted from the list, so as not to "BURN" others. All complaints will be kept completely confidential between the two parties involved and the Admin.

Welcome aboard, we hope you find this list as entertaining, informative, and addictive as we do.