SWB PU (104" wheel base):

Dale Browns SWB V8J45 Pickup

A nice 1963 Vintage SWB V8J45
owned by Richard Gentry. This truck is a handsome example of what a set of stock springs (and a little welding) can become.

LWB PU (116" wheel base):

Aqualu Industries Inc. Manufacturers of aluminum replacement Body Parts for FJ45 pickups

A really nice 66
belonging to Garie Chavez

Maggie - Eugene Coles FJ45 LWB Pickup

45er Pickups aus aller Welt
on the Alt-TOYOTA-LandCruiser-Club web site

FJ45 LWB Pickup Restored by TLC in Van Nuys California

Click here for a larger image.

This is Gordon Pritchard, from White Rock, B.C. Canada with his HJ45. Courtesy of the GreenGounty Cruisers Site. (a broken link March 2001)

Steve Kopito's 2HJ45 Pickup

1978 HJ-45LP
belonging to Antti Rauramo

1967 FJ-45LP-B belonging to Mark Lowe of Mira Mesa, San Diego, California, the son of the Original Owner.(from

Click for a hi-resolution picture (862k)
of Mark's truck.

OEM Safety Straps for 40 Series doors: Click on images to enlarge
Kurt Grasso's 40/45 Long Wheelbase PU (photo taken in 1996). It started life as an FJ40. After shortening the body, stretching the frame adding a bed, adding a GM 350 V8, installing an in cab cage, and performing a spring-over it looked like this.

Brazilian built Bandeirante: model BJ55LP-2BL4 is shown here)
Bandeirante's of Brazil

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