This truck was built by Rob Millen Motorsports in Huntington Beach California. It is a widened and stretched 67 FJ45 body mated to a late model drivetrain/interior. The suspension is purely custom.
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FJ45LV based truck by Tim Albiniano
Unrestored FJ45LV
Cool Zebra painted FJ45LV owned by unknown Vancouver, B.C. man (Rob Mullen photographer). I am told that this truck was owned by someone named Huck, in San Luis Obispo, California.
Link to details about Philippe Trottier's 1983 3BJ-45LV-KWC or go to Philippe Trottier's Main Land Cruiser Page Email Philippe
Cost Rican BJ45 Ambulance. Click here for the larger image.
45er Buschtaxi on the Alt-TOYOTA-LandCruiser-Club web site
45 Wagon Page on the website of Outback Land Cruisers in Coalville Utah
Benni Jünemann's; HJ45 was imported to Germany from Denmark.

Restored wagon located in Sydney Australia

Pictures Page 1 of 2 (Fortunecity site)
Pictures Page 2 of 2 (Fortunecity site)

MyToy (Tripod site)
Restoration photos (Tripod site)
Wally's 12/78 2FJ45 Wagon built in the tailgate/liftgate configuration (not with ambulance-doors).
Jeremy Jirak
This picture is of Josh's FJ40 and HJ47.
Steve Comstock
A tall HJ47.
Photos from TLC

Picture from the Web Site of Hans van Reenen

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