Dale Brown's SWB V8J45 SWB Pickup.

Email the trucks owner Dale Brown.

This is my '64 FJ45 shorty, I pretty much sacrificed a '78 FJ40 to complete this project, I removed the Pontiac 400cid and 400 automatic tranny that I installed several years earlier, removed '78 transfer case and axles and installed all into the 45. I then installed the Saginaw power steering, rear disc brake and shackle correction kits from Outback Offroad, 4" Big Dicks Suspension in the front and spring over in the rear.

Other additions include the Cyberdine full digital gauge cluster, FordExplorer leather seats, 39" Micky Thompsons on Superior Lazer II's, and a Warn XD9000i on a Outback custom bumper.

Thats my 3 year old who claimed the '78 FJ40, so he pretty much has claimed this one too.

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